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Our team will guide you through the process of optimising the space in your home to ensure you get the outcome you are looking for.


We will assist you with any permit applications if they are required for your particular renovation work to make the process smoother.


Our team will prepare for your renovation by removing any old items in a careful, professional manner, and dispose of them responsibly.


Expert tradesmen will oversee and carry out your renovation with absolute care and attention to detail, ensuring you get your dream result.


Your renovation genuinely matters to us so we are always on hand to discuss any and all aspects of the work with you.


Many clients ask us to gradually work on other parts of their home and we are always happy to develop a property at whatever pace suits you.


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Samantha Taylor Calgary

I first met Bill when Crown installed a new window and door for me. Bill worked with great care, professionalism and left me with an excellent finished product at a fair price.

Less than a year later, on my birthday, I stood with my soon-to-be husband in the aftermath of what used to be our home. The June 2013 flood had rushed through our home, left 5+ feet of water to sit for days, then eventually drained, leaving whatever it had touched completely destroyed. I felt completely overwhelmed: How do you build a home from studs? What is the first step? When is it safe to start? Those are just a few of the hundreds of questions that occupied the soundtrack of my mind as we stood in utter destruction.

So I called Bill, the one person who I trusted in the construction world, who I hadn’t talked to since the window & door installation. I explained to him, in broken voice, our situation and he was immediately very comforting and helpful. After expressing his condolences for our situation, he patiently explained to me the rebuild process. Bill and Sue then met us at our home to see the damage in person and confirmed they would take care of us. And they did.

From the moment Bill and his team started work in our home, I stopped worrying about whether or not we would have a place to return to. He communicated each step of the way and made me feel like I was an informed member of the process. We returned to a finished home to find exquisite finishings expertly installed weeks ahead of many of our neighbors.

I cannot thank Bill, Sue and their team enough for taking us through what could have been a very stressful process and making it enjoyable.

I would recommend Crown Renovations to anyone and everyone!

Michael Rasmussen Calgary

Great job! Crown have a very creative and pleasant team who did an absolutely wonderful job on our home. Their cleanup work was also impeccable to the point where we were left with an exquisite new kitchen and you would never know that the renovations team had ever been there; spotless doesn't even do justice to how clean everything was when they left. I could concentrate on enjoying the new space in my home. We would recommend Crown Renovations to anyone looking to improve their home.

Dan Towse Calgary

The guys did an amazing job turning our basement shell into a beautiful addition to our home with a bedroom, bathroom, en suite and living area all finished to an exceptional standard. We are completely in love with our basement and the new additions to the property will no doubt have added considerable value to it. The Crown team are personable, refreshingly positive and helpful, and also come armed with a wonderful sense of humour. They put us at ease throughout the whole process, genuinely consulting us so that we felt like they cared about what we wanted. Top ratings, all the stars and thumbs up imaginable. You need to hire these guys!

Melanie Parker Calgary

The team at Crown told us they had decades of experience on both sides of the Atlantic.... wow did it ever show. These guys are amazing! Our home looks incredible with a newly remodelled bathroom and en-suite easily surpassing our admittedly high expectations. We have plans to continue renovating our home and Bill and the team at Crown Renovations will be for sure the ones we trust to make our house into a beautiful forever home. A sincere thank you to every one of the Crown team and we look forward to seeing you work your magic again for us soon.

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